All You Need To Know About Macwins Food Brand, Mission, and Vision


We, Mahant Foods, under the visionary leadership of entrepreneur Mr. Ashish Patel, have been serving the catering needs of the inhabitants of Surat city since more than a decade. We fulfill the requirements of people looking for exquisite delicacies on various social events like wedding ceremonies and other celebrations. The demand from many of our NRI customers on relishing the sap or of our victuals in their residing nation inculcated the need to satiate their requirement. To answer the need of the hour, the company came up with an entirely new division Macwins food.

Macwins Food is a ready to eat division of Mahant foods, aimed to serve the need of succulent Indian cuisine all over the globe. All our products can be prepared within 2 –3 minutes of cooking time, making them ideal for students, working couples, tourists as well as elderly people. In order to comply with our policy of health and hygiene, all our products are oil-free. Out of the many available techniques for drying the food, we chose to employ Freeze Drying since it maintains the nutritional value as well as taste. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with latest types of machinery ranging from automated cutting and chopping tools to lyophilizes. The process flow is designed to eliminate any human intrusion during the manufacturing process once the raw material is loaded.

In order to comply with the legal requirements, we are certified with FSSAI and ISO 22000:2005.


We strive to be a leading food solutions company worldwide by providing continuous innovation, great quality, and impeccable services at highly competitive costs.


Our brands aim to make life easier, healthier and tastier for people around the globe by providing them with good quality food solutions.

Macwins Food's mission statement combines both the values that bring them market success (building safe, high-quality products) and the values that contribute to a better world (needful efforts to help those who want ready to eat food) For the people behind the brand, "a love of Food and taste demands participation in the fight to save your time." In this campaign, the company donates time, services, and at least 1% of its sales for tasting around the world.