What Technology we used behind Macwins Food to make ready to eat products

We at MAHANT FOODS committed to quality & innovation in freeze drying food product Believe in remarkable customer service with the simple philosophy of pure, tasty, hygienic and wholesome freeze drying fruits, vegetables and ready to eat food (natural sabji)

With our fully equipped laboratory, we are able to provide hygienic, nutritious and delicious food the consumer of all ages, in our all vegetables and fruits, contain a single ingredient, crispness. A bite with full of test, quality, and richness of the food.

MAHANT FOODS remain on the principal of ethical business and also committed to the natural green environment by giving a consistent quality of a freeze-drying product, MAHANT FOODS made its mark not in India but in a global marketplace.

Freeze drying Technology

Freeze drying, a technology which dehydrates frozen foods in a vacuum chamber under control freezing, control temperature & pressure so the moisture contains changes directly from a solid to a gaseous form without undergoing the middle state liquid to the gaseous state via sublimation. In this technology, the product retains its original size, shape, nutritional facts and hygiene value with a minimum of cell rupture.

This technology is used for drying and preserving food products like fruits, vegetables ready to eat food.

This freeze-dried product will be same in size and shape as the original material and will be found to have superior stability and convenient reconstitution when place in water Freeze-dried product will maintain color, flavor, texture, nutrients, taste and other hygienic contains. Freeze dried foods are shelf-stable at room temperature. Freeze dried food is healthier than regular dried foods maintain its original nutritional value without adding any additional sugar, sweetener or preservatives.

Presenting innovation with technology.

We at MAHANT FOODS, believe in simple motto to maintain strict sanitation, hygiene, and quality food. Extra care is taken during packaging to ensure that product is not exposed to contamination at any stage. A raw material is hand-picked and washed in an exclusive area dedicated to the process. The cutting procedure with superior technology is used to obtain an accurate size of the raw material as per customer need blanching is used for few products to get the best result. once the finished product is ready for freeze drying, it has to undergo freezing at below-18’c to-20’c temperature before it moves in freeze drying vacuum chamber tastes are organized at various stages by quality assurance in our well equipped in-house environment to get quality batch of freeze-dried food.


Shape and size of the product are unchanged and remain intact

Easy to carry due to its lightweight

Storage at room temperature

Long self-life.

No add-on preservative

Easily rehydrate with water or milk